Welcome to the websites of company Markoja Ltd. (hereinafter: Markoja). Before accessing and using Markoja websites, please read these website Terms of Use carefully which govern your access to and/or use of Markoja websites in a below described manner. By accessing and browsing Markoja websites, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms of Use of Markoja websites. Markoja websites were made in good faith, exclusively with the aim of providing the information about Markoja and products and services provided by Markoja. The provisions of agreement entered into separately with each individual user and possible general terms and conditions of service provision, i.e. product delivery, which may be effective from time to time, shall apply to the provision of Markoja services and purchase of goods respectively.

1. Manner of use

Documents, data and information disclosed on Markoja websites available at the following address: www.europark-systems.com may not be reproduced, distributed or in any way used for commercial purposes without the express consent of Markoja or in any other way that may cause damage to Markoja or any other third party. Documents, data and information disclosed on Markoja websites may be used only for the user’s personal purposes, at the same time adhering to all copyright and ownership rights and rights of any third party. When accessing Markoja websites, you make commitment to refrain from any interfering with and disturbing the work and altering the content of Markoja websites. You specifically undertake to refrain from committing any act which may be subsumed under the statutory definition of any criminal offence described in the applicable laws and acts which may serve as a basis for civil liability for damage and to refrain from false representation as another person or in any way mislead both Markoja and other visitors and/or users of Markoja websites. You agree not to endanger the privacy of other users/visitors of EUROPARK websites and that you shall not collect and use their personal information or post private data about third parties.

By using the Markoja website content, the user assumes (i) all risk arising out of use of Markoja websites and accepts (ii) to use the Markoja website content solely for personal purposes and at its own risk. Markoja disclaims any and all liability (i) which may in any way arise out of or is in any way related to the use of Markoja websites, (ii) for any acts of users by using or abusing the Markoja website content, and for (iii) any damage which may be inflicted on the user or any third party in connection with or related to the use or abuse of the Markoja website content.

Markoja websites may contain both data and links to other Internet sites created by third persons which shall be marked as such whenever possible. Markoja has no control over the mentioned data or other Internet sites at all and disclaims any and all liability, including but not limited to the accuracy, completeness and availability of the content on Internet sites created by third parties.

2. Provisions on data collection by using the so-called cookies

Markoja websites use the so-called cookies to provide a user with enhanced functionalities and high-quality content. Cookies represent data set generated by a web server and stored by a web browser on the user’s disc in form of a small text file.

Session cookies are stored on the computer of Markoja website user only while the user visits these websites and in that way enables the user to use Markoja websites more efficiently. They expire automatically when the user closes its browser. Besides, Markoja websites can track traffic statistics solely for the purposes of obtaining the necessary information about attractiveness and usefulness of our websites. In this process, third-party service entitled Google Analytics may be used. More detailed third-party information about this service as well as about the options of users of websites www.europark-systems.com in connection with managing cookies necessary for the same are available at: http://www.google.com/intl/en/analytics/privacyoverview.html. Markoja websites may also use cookies to advertise services and goods of our partners that might be of interest to users/visitors of Markoja websites. Displaying the ads which Markoja may send to the user/visitor is enabled via cookies which Markoja server, i.e. third party may place on the user’s web browser.

The user of Markoja websites may independently manage the receipt of cookies by web browser settings. Markoja disclaims any and all liability for any loss of functionality and/or quality of the Markoja website content in all cases of managing the receipt of cookies by the user.

By using Markoja websites, it is implied that all users are, at any moment, familiar with and that they agree with these Terms of Use, including the provisions on data processing and options relating to cookies.

3. Processing and protection of personal information

Markoja respects the anonymity and privacy of users of Markoja websites.

Markoja may collect personal information about users, i.e. visitors of Markoja websites, such as name, address, phone number or e-mail address only if the user voluntarily delivers these to Markoja.

When collecting personal information, Markoja shall enable you to fill out the corresponding form in which you shall state your personal information. However, you may deliver the same to Markoja while using interactive tools on Markoja websites, when filling out the questionnaires, when signing in as the recipient of our promotional material and when communicating with Markoja in any other way. It is also possible that some of your personal information is collected while you visit Markoja websites via the so-called cookies as described in above section 2.

Markoja fully respects the personal information privacy requests of users of Markoja websites and their collection, processing and use are carried out solely in accordance with the existing laws and regulations. Markoja shall use the personal information collected with your consent solely for the purposes of better insight and understanding of the user’s individual needs and requests as well as for the purposes of development and enhancement of its services, i.e. its websites. If you enter into the contractual relation with Markoja and become the buyer of our products or user of our services, separate contractual provisions shall apply to our relations on privacy and protection of personal information. Markoja shall not share your personal information with third parties without your consent, save in the event of transfer of its business to third party or other forms of universal and/or singular legal succession.

Markoja shall not make the mentioned information available to any third party without the user’s express consent. If you, as a user of Markoja websites, withdraw your consent for the use of your personal information, Markoja shall immediately and promptly remove the same from its system and cease further use, of which you will be promptly informed.

Please note that Markoja websites may contain links to third-party websites. By using these links, you are leaving Markoja sites and you are no longer within the domain of personal information protection provided herein by Markoja.

Should you have any questions as regards Markoja procedures related to data protection, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@markoja.hr.

4. Amendments

Markoja reserves the right to modify the content of these websites and will not be liable for any possible consequences arising out of such modifications.

Markoja is authorized to change or amend these Terms of Use or replace them with the new ones, at any time without prior notice. All amendments to these Terms of Use shall be published on Markoja websites and the user accepts them by solely accessing the websites or using the website content after the disclosure of amendments. The user is familiarized with the fact that when accessing the websites or using the certain website content, it makes commitment to check the then valid website terms of use.

5. Governing law

Terms of Use of Markoja websites shall be governed by the applicable laws of the Republic of Croatia.