Parking Platforms

Parking platforms are commonly used in residential, office and commercial buildings, car parks, garages and hotels.

Main features of parking platforms:

  • outdoor and indoor installation
  • suitable for all types of passenger vehicles – sedans, station wagons and SUVs
  • modularity, expandability and adaptability – each system can be designed to fit individual project requirements
  • simple to use.


Parking capacity2 vehicles4 vehicles2 vehicles4 vehicles
TypeSingle platform with parallel shiftDouble platform with parallel shiftSingle platform with tiltingDouble platform with tilting
Maximum platform load2000 – 2500 kg2000 – 2500 kg2000 kg2000 kg
Vehicle height max *1500-2050 mm1500-2050 mm150-1750 mm150-1750 mm
Vehicle length max *5000 mm5000 mm5000 mm5000 mm
Effective platform width *2300-2700 mm4600-5400 mm2300-2700 mm4600-5400 mm
Motor3 kW5,5 kW3 kW5,5 kW
Pit depth min *1700-2000 mm1700-2000 mm1700-2000 mm1700-2000 mm

* parking platforms can be designed with different dimensions and/or to fit individual project requirements

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