Rotary Parking

Rotary parking systems provide the greatest savings in parking space. These are the most cost-effective parking systems that increase parking capacity up to 8 times compared to traditional parking.

As the most cost effective parking system, it requires an area of only 36 m2 and provides parking for up to 16 vehicles, in the area of just two traditional parking spaces.

Key features of the Rotary parking system are:

  • maximum space saving
  • modular construction and the ability to quickly add new capacity
  • possible relocation and reinstallation
  • suitable for all types of vehicles – sedans, station wagons and SUVs
  • protection of vehicles against theft, damage and weather conditions
  • quiet operation – low noise levels in comparison to any other type of parking system
  • the systems are constructed as stand-alone structures and minimize the risk of flooding
  • low power consumption
  • easy to operate
  • low running costs
  • high endurance
  • long lifetime.

Rotary parking is ideal solution for a wide range of applications – from public urban areas, residential and office buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, marinas and car showrooms, to large parking lots.


Parking capacity6 vehicles8 vehicles10 vehicles12 vehicles14 vehicles16 vehicles
System dimensionsLength6450 mm6450 mm6450 mm6450 mmAt request*At request*
Width5420 mm5420 mm5420 mm5420 mmAt request*At request*
Height9315 mm11450 mm13585 mm15720 mmAt request*At request*
Parked vehicles maximum dimensionsLength5300 mm5300 mm5300 mm5300 mmAt request*At request*
Width2250 mm2250 mm2250 mm2250 mmAt request*At request*
Height1950 mm1950 mm1950 mm1950 mmAt request*At request*
Težina2500 kg2500 kg2500 kg2500 kgAt request*At request*
Geared Motor7,5 kW9,2 kW9,2 kW11 kWAt request*At request*
Motor controlInverterInverterInverterInverterInverterInverter
Speed5-5,5 m/min5-5,5 m/min5-5,5 m/min5-5,5 m/min5-5,5 m/min5-5,5 m/min
Noise65 dB -75 dB65 dB -75 dB65 dB -75 dB65 dB -75 dB65 dB -75 dB65 dB -75 dB

* EPS-RP14 and EPS-RP16 specifications are defined per individual project request

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