Rotary parking

The most cost effective parking system.


Parking platforms

Enhancing small spaces capacity.


Puzzle parking

Enables space savings by moving vehicles horizontally and vertically.



More than 20 years of engineering experience in the innovation and development of parking systems.

Specialization in the design and implementation of new parking technology, to meet the needs of parking planning, regulation and management.

Individual approach and adaptability allow us to provide optimal solution for each parking project requirements.

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Nowadays, cars are parked about 95% of the time. It is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the growing needs in urban areas with traditional parking, thus presenting the need for new technologies and smart parking systems.

Space Efficient

Parking systems provide up to 8 times more spaces than traditional parking.

Time Efficient

Time in looking for parking space is reduced and fuel is saved.


A safe zone separates passengers and vehicles, thus preventing injury, damage or vehicle theft.


Centralized auto-pickup and parking makes it easy to locate a parked vehicle and reduces parking time.


Parking systems significantly reduce CO2 emissions by shortening vehicle parking and engine operation time.


Reducing the area required for parking opens the possibility of rezoning parking areas into green areas, playgrounds, parks or other purposes.